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    If you have only bet sports with the guy at your favorite bar, it is time you think about the advantages of an online sports bookie vs. a local bookie. Look around online at various sites and you will find many reasons for betting with an online sports bookie. Though it doesn’t apply to every situation, you definitely run the risk of dealing with shady characters when dealing with a local bookie. Since sports betting with a bookie is illegal, there is a tendency for a criminal element to be

    If you're left running your own business, dealing with the headache, and trying to work through all of the issues of trying to run a book by yourself, then look no further than 24 7 Pay Per Head. Do you know what a Pay Per Head (PPH) service is? If you don't then you could very possibly be missing out on one of the easiest decisions that you'll ever have to make. Running and managing your own book can seem like it's nearly impossible from time to time with everything that you have to deal wit

    Expansion in the sports wagering industry is just not about getting more clients. Modern bookmaking is all about efficiency. We are looking at simultaneously creating more customers while increasing the volume of not only the new but the established clientele as well. The optimal way to do this is to broad your horizons with a Pay Per Head. Their established internet presence is the logical launching point to propel you into the next tier of profit making. Vast Array of Offerings Impulse purch

    It is next to impossible to go it alone as a private bookie these days. We live in a completely automated world that revolves around getting things done online. More and more sports bettors are placing their bets through mobile applications which is beginning to make a personal computer obsolete to a certain extent. Pay Per Head Sportsbook & Bookmaking Software As a private bookie, you need a pay per head software solutions provider that has the ability to also change with the times. T

When choosing a PPH (pay per head) service to use to make wagers from your players there are quite a few things to look for. However, the four main ones are a solid software platform, 24/7 customer service, a good price for the service, and the most sports betting options to offer your players.

A good PPH service is one that fulfills all of your specific needs. The more your needs are met the more money you have the chance to make since you will be making a percentage of every bet that is made through you no matter if it is a winning or losing one. In using a PPH service the name of the game is for you to make money so pick a good one to increase the chance of that happening.

1. A Good Software Platform

Downtime of a PPH website is killer for you since you will not be able to make wagers and therefore not making money. The better a software platform is the less likely it is that there will be downtime and other technical problems. Read up on some customer reviews on various services and if they have had issues with the software platform or the site has issues with downtime you should avoid using them to make bets.

2. 24/7 Customer Service is a Must

If you cannot have any issue resolved in a prompt manner it will cost you money. It is as simple as that. A PPH service with 24/7 customer service can be of great help, as you can have an issue resolved at any time of the day. The quicker you get the problem or issue resolved the quicker you can continue to make wagers for your players, which will keep the money flowing into your pocket.

3. The Price has to be Right

Since you are paying for the PPH service to make bets you want to pay a price you can afford. When you boil it down you want a service that offers you the most betting options at a price that you are comfortable with. No matter the cost of the service, see if it fulfills your betting needs and comes with a price tag that I within your budget. This can be done easily with a little research, which will pay off in the long run.

4. No Lack of Sports Betting Options

You definitely want to use a PPH service that has no lack of sports betting options. You want to give your players the most betting options so they have many choices in what wagers to make. If a player has many betting options it is more likely they will make more wagers and this only makes you money.

It is important to look for many types of bets offered as well as many sports to wager on. You want a service that has a wide variety of sports available, as you never know what players would like to bet on.

Also, the more types of bets available gives your players choices on what they would like to bet on and a happy bettor is one that will keep making bets through you and that is what you want since you make a percentage on every bet made. Live betting and mobile betting are extremely popular now, so check if the PPH service offers that, so in turn you can offer those options to your players.