247ppH Review

247ppH Review: 247ppH is known for offering the complete pay per head solution. Their 24/7 pay per head services are available for $10 or less, a fair price considering you won’t have to set and move lines, take wagers over the phone, grade those wagers and keep track of your player’s figure.

Customers at 247ppH have the option to wager 24 hours a day, seven days a week on all sports and they will have more options to wager because 247ppH uses software from DGS, which is very user-friendly.

With this software the customer will be able to analyze player action through a variety of advanced reports and adjust individual player settings accordingly. The players will be able to wager on sports, horses and casino games with a single account.

Customer service at 247ppH will always be available to address all needs in a professional manner, whether it involves looking for reports or the need to access the accounts, 247ppH will always be there with the information the customer requires.

Sportsbook – The players can wager on sports and choose from a large selection. The wager types include teasers, money lines, propositions, futures, 1st half sides and totals, halftime sides and more.

Racebook – There are more than 100 horses tracks (major and minor) availabe. The players are able choose from a large selection of horse wager types, Win Place and Show, trifectas, exactas, daily doubles, quinellas, head to head match and more.

Casino – 247ppH’s online JAVA casino offers Las Vegas Style casino games, cards games, craps, roulette, slots and more.

The players will enjoy all the advantages of an offshore gaming site and they will have no incentive to take their action elsewhere. With 247pph there will be a dramatic increase in wagering volume.

Internet Acounts $10

Phone Account $10