Is it Smart to Use an Online Bookie to Bet Sports?

The internet has changed the way we do most things over the last 15 years, so why wouldn’t it be smart to use and online bookie to bet sports? When you compare the options it is a no brainer.

In Las Vegas and a few other places in the country, you can go make your bets at a window in a casino. But it is much more convenient to do this from the comfort of your home. It is also a better option than betting with a local bookie. Your local bookie and the sports betting window in a casino are probably not going to offer you bonuses, reduced juice or gambler’s insurance on your losses. Let’s take a look at why it is smart to use an online bookie to bet sports.

One major reason for using an online bookie is to keep yourself from getting in over your head and not getting in trouble. With an online bookie, you can’t spend more than you have. You make a deposit and that is your limit. With a local bookie, you usually don’t have to deposit any money or even put down the cash when making a bet. We have all known guys to have a bad few days and just keep chasing their losses. And before they know it they owe more money than they can afford.

There is also the fact that it is much more convenient to bet online. You have access to a ton of information with an online bookie and you can place your bets or get a line at any time of the day or night, seven days a week. The online bookie is never closed. And it is not going to be convenient to you or your local bookie for you to call him over and over just to see if a line has moved. But this is important as many sharp players keep an eye on line movements to make decisions on their wagers. The same is true with going to the sports betting window in a casino. How many times do you want to go back and forth to check the board? You have the control when you bet with an online bookie. You don’t have to stand in line. You don’t have to worry that you are not going to get through to your bookie because it is too close to kickoff. When you are ready, you just make all of your bets through your account and you get immediate confirmation of all your plays.

We could go on for days with reasons why it is smart to use an online bookie to bet sports. One of the biggest reasons is financial. There are more and more sports books online everyday and they are all competing for your business. Most all online bookies offer bonuses, with some offering up to 100% on your first deposit. Check them out, call them, write them and see which one offers you the best deal. Besides the initial deposit, see what they do for their existing clients. Do they offer anything when you make another deposit to your account? They should have something for you if your refer friends. One of our favorite sites is America’s Bookie. They have been around for over seven years. They also have great customer service and support for those that are a little intimidated by starting to bet online. Whenever choosing a site for sports betting, check around and do some searches. There are plenty of reviews out there to tell you who is reputable and who is not.

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