New York Giants vs Philadelphia Eagles Prediction and Review

Giants fans and bettors who followed the winning success during recent weeks might be wondering if the Giants can yet pull out another win against the steady Philadelphia Eagles.

Within this review I will be going over what each team needs to succeed at to win the game.

For A New York Giants Victory

Continue playing as you have been for the previous 3 weeks. Eli Manning needs to stay patient and take a sack instead of taking risk throwing the ball and having a turnover. The defense for the New York Giants continues to improve with consistent offensive fire power.

For A Philadelphia Eagles Victory

The Eagles have shown us now they are a legitimate division leader but will be challenged this week. Philadelphia must win the turnover game and score at a minimum 31 points. Nick Foles needs to continue staying in the pocket to protect being sacked and rushed to many times.

Misc Game Information

This game is being hosted in Philadelphia and is a late game. The weather is predicted to be nice with a slight wind. This game can be heard over Sirus radio Sunday at 8:30 pm eastern time. If you would like to watch the game from home you may on channel NBC.

New York Giants vs Philadelphia Eagles Prediction

I still think the Giants have a lot to improve but with limited injuries and a great quarterback there is a chance they could defeat the surging Philadelphia Eagles. Unfortunately I do not see that happening as the Eagles have an extremely good player combination off and on the field. Take the Eagles to win against the spread currently at -3 and the over 50. Both teams will produce points lets see who has the muster at the end to pull off a victory.

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