Outstanding Pay Per Head Sportsbook Service

The best pay per head service can often be a lesser-known service or one that may not be a household name. No matter what the case may be, the fact of the matter is this – if you want to see success as a bookie, you must let a pay per head manage your day-to-day operations. You may be thinking that you can’t afford a pay per head and aren’t those guys expensive? Here is what we think – you can’t afford to not do business with a pay per head. The time for going this alone is over. That’s in the past. It is time to catch up and start using technology to your advantage. You probably have some clients and they may be good ones that you don’t want to lose. If you want to keep them, then you must give them options and meet their gaming needs. The pay per head industry has opened its doors to the local guys. No longer are they out there for the cookie cutters of sports gambling. Now they are available to you and the prices are fantastic. You don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for a top-notch pay per head.

    • The best pay per head’s in the industry are now charging around $7-$10 per head. You should not be paying more and in most cases, you should be leery of paying less. There are many fly-by-night operations that have sprung up all over the internet and they are offering a rock-bottom price to get you in the door. Recent studies have shown these folks are more often than not a scam. What they do is reel folks in with their $2 offers and then they are nowhere to be found. If it’s not a complete scam, it’s an outfit that certainly won’t there for you when you need them. They probably have no working phone number and/or email and getting ahold of any customer supports is close to impossible. Save yourself the hassle and headache and find a reputable PPH provider.

    • There once was a day when the pay per head industry charged upwards of $25 per head! That was obviously out of reach for anybody on any kind of working budget. At $25 per head, you would be paying $100 a week for four active clients. No matter how great your business may be or could have been, $25 per head is too high-priced.

 • The best pay per head providers in the gaming industry have come to their senses and made this unique service affordable for all.

    • What they are offering for between $7-$10 is a turnkey service that includes not only the online sportsbook but also a fantastic, world-class racebook with more than 70-track options as well as a Las Vegas-style casino with more than 100 casino games. You get all of this for one low price per head.

    • Most online bookies require a minimum wager from their clients. That can be anywhere from $-$25. Let’s assume you land somewhere in the middle and ask for a $15 minimum, you have now covered the cost of the pay per head fee for that player, for the entire week. The player can place as many wagers as they choose for the one low cost to you.

    • The pay per head literally does everything for you. They organize daily sporting events and set the lines and odds. They help you set a budget by following your player’s activity with on-demand player, and financial reports.

    • The pay per head accepts and grades all wagers. You no longer have to set up all hours of the night grading bet slips. Your players may also place their wagers over the phone with the use of a toll-free hotline.

The time is now to find a fantastic pay per head that will not only take care of you but take care of your clients. You must start making the best decisions for your financial future and there is no reason you shouldn’t be seeing a six-figure income. We are in the thick of the high season, we are in the time when gamblers spend the most money. Call a well-reviewed pay per head provider today and ask for a 4-week free trial. You will be glad you made this decision and your bank account will start looking like it should. 

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