Pay Per Head and Call Centers

The life blood of any company is the level of customer service that it can provide. Sometimes the task of building a customer base to the level where it can sustain a company’s cash flow and bottom-line profitability can be a daunting task, but it is much easier to add new customers to an existing base than it is to try and get them back after they have taken their business elsewhere for one reason or another.

That is why customer service is so important in any industry. When it comes to the sports betting industry, you as an independent bookmaker rely heavily on the ability to separate your service from the big offshore sportsbooks that dominate the playing field with the personal one-on-one attention you can provide to your customers. This is made possible through the business relationship you have developed with a Pay Per Head company that handles all the administrative tasks that go into running a bookmaking business.

At the center of it all is a PPH company’s ‘Call Center’. This is often times the first point of contact between your customers and your PPH service, so it is vital that the person on the other end of a phone or in a live chat situation on a computer is properly trained to handle any aspect of the bookmaking process. It only takes one mistake or mishandled issue to permanently damage that relationship, which will ultimately cost you money in the long run.

You need to have the utmost confidence in your PPH company’s call center that it is equipped with the proper staff that can handle any situation in a professional, courteous and timely fashion. Unfortunately we live in a ‘what have you done for me lately’ atmosphere that causes customer loyalty to already be thin even under the best of circumstances. The last thing you need is for your PPH company’s mistake to give one of your customers a reason to take their business elsewhere.

Fortunately, if you are already associated with one of the quality PPH companies in the sports betting industry you can rest assured that they are putting the time, money and effort into developing a top-notch, state-of-the-art call center that is not only professionally trained in its field, but in how to handle customer issues in general.

The expression “the customer is always right’ needs to carry some deep meaning in order for a call center to remain at the top of its game on a day-in and day-out basis. The call center agents need to be progressive thinkers that are committed to finding solutions to any issue that may arise no matter how long it takes in a manner that always treats the customer with empathy and respect.

As consumers, we have all experienced poor customer service in the past and if it was bad enough you probably have a vivid memory of how you felt after that unfortunate encounter. You probably also have fond memories of an experience with a call center that not only met your expectations, but exceeded them. That should be exactly what you are looking for out of your PPH company’s call center.

As your most vital business partner, you should take the time to get to know as many people on the other end of the lines at your PPH call center as possible. This will be the only way you can judge for yourself if their business philosophies and practices are in sync with yours. These people are the voice of your bookmaking company as well as the company they work for in terms a drawing a pay check. The per head fees that you pay on a regular basis go towards paying their wages, so everyone involved in the whole customer service end of the call center should have a vested interest in handling any situation that arises the right way the first time.

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