Pay Per Head Revolutionizing Local Bookie Services

Pay per head services are a growing concept among local bookies and punters. As technology has improved and more services are moving online, local bookies are following suit and are begin to make use of the pay per head services that are revolutionizing their businesses.

While, the local bookie services remain illegal, pay per head offers an organized and user-friendly way for punters to use the service that they have been relying on for decades. These services work in a simple and straightforward way with the bookies directing their customers to an online website where they can access all the information they may have wanted from the bookie.

While these sites do not handle money, they do allow punters to place bets. In fact, you are likely to find a wider range of betting types available, complete with current information on the game, injury reports and more. This allows punters to make better decisions when wagering, as well as to keep up with the developments of the game.

This may seem similar to offshore online sportsbooks, except for the important distinction that the sites to not handle money. The settling of all debts, as well as payments for successful bets is still done face-to-face with the bookie. The sites simply manage the process, allowing the bookies to keep better track of who owes what.

“There is always going to be a huge market for local bookmakers because they are the ones who let players bet with credit, with money they don’t have to produce,” explained Steve Budin, former online sportsbook operator cum gambling expert. According to Budin the pay per head sites make it much simpler for the bookies to their customers.

Pay per head sites such as offer a wide range of services for local bookmakers that are designed to streamline their businesses and improve their service. As the name implies, the bookies using the service are required to pay a fee per head – per active customer. Bookies say that the services available are well worth the per-head fee that these sites charge. In the case of, bookies are required to pay only $10 per head for Internet accounts and $15 per head for Internet and phone accounts.

This fee provides the bookies with a customized website that is built and maintained, multi-lingual telephone support services, detailed reports, customer profiling, risk management and more. Punters are attracted to the sites as they offer a wider range of betting types, helpful customer support and 24/7 services.

With, punters are able to make use of the convenience and user-friendliness of wagering online, while at the same time building up trust and a relationship with their bookie. All settling up is done face-to-face, giving punters the security of keeping their financial information off the Internet, but retaining the convenience of online betting.

Local bookies remain local with the pay per head services, but the convenience of the Internet has been a huge draw-card and more bookies are moving online all the time.