PPH Benefits


PPH Benefits

Detailed stats for every occasion or scenario can be yours for the taking. At your fingertips, you can easily ascertain which of your many clients are enriching your life or beating the numbers to make a profit from you. This is valuable information just waiting to be utilized by the right individual. With it, your client base does not have to shrink for fear of shedding winning customers. With the proper planning, you can make more off of their positive expectation plays than you lose paying them off.

Carpal Tunnel With Manual Input

     If you were to do this without the benefit of a team like one would get from a pay per head, the amount of time it would take just to enter the treasure trove of data before you slashes into your free time. Hands start to ache as each category is filled. With the pain, it is easy to get sloppy and incorrectly input one number. This has the potential to turn the whole project on its head and become a losing endeavor. That is why the wise bookie delegates such tasks.

A Mathematical Crystal Ball

With A1 PPH not only is the data pure but now you have the time freed up to investigate both your winning and losing customers plays. Malcolm from the east side has been killing you in football but is a steady donator in the NBA. Ralph is a mush and could not make money if his life depended on it. Finally, Ashton beats you in the long haul no matter what he bets at. With the detailed reports possible from a A1PPH, you can lay off some Ashton’s action and even wager for yourself on some of his leans. Those extra holiday presents will come via Ralph as you not only collect his money but fade him for yourself. Without easily accessible information, the patterns would take longer to decipher or might not never emerge for you to profit from.

Your clients are not only friends and associates but founts of information.  Without A1PPH.com, the valuable wealth could slip between your fingers.  We all have our favorite fades and tails.  Let the professionals track your action and through them, we can extract more from our very lucrative book making business.