PPH Software that is Powerful


All Bookies, you must find a powerful pay per head software platform that turns your bookie business into a cash machine. The good news is this; now you can easily find fantastic PPH providers that will not only give you an instant online presence but will also do all of the work for you. No matter how big or small your bookie business may be, let’s face the fact, you need help. This business is all-encompassing, and clients are demanding. They are gamblers and they want to gamble 24/7. When they get bored with sports, they look for a great casino or racebook. Don’t sell them short, and better yet, don’t sell yourself short. Find that PPH software and you will see a huge difference in your daily work-load as well as your bottom line.


  • Bookie software is an online program that needs no downloading of any sort. The PPH providers have perfected software that is desktop ready. The PPH assigns you an exclusive .com address for you to log-on, as well as your clients.
  • Bookies are tired of killing themselves and the creators of the PPH providers have discovered a way in which all of this hard work is ancient history. The bookie software is a program that comes turnkey ready. It’s a white-label service that offers an instant online presence for your clients with an online sportsbook, Las Vegas-style casino, and racebook.
  • Player reports: You need them, and you can’t live without them. Your PPH provider should be offering on-demand player and financial reports. If you want any level of success in this business, then you must stay on top of who’s beating you and who are losing to you. You want to keep both; eventually, the players that are beating you will start losing. You must know where every dollar is going, and you must follow your budget closely. Player reports keep you on track.
  • Lines and Odds: As a bookie, this is a big one for you. You must have consistently competitive lines and odds, or you are dead in the water. Players are sharp, they know what’s up nowadays and times have changed. It’s simply too easy for your players to find the best odds elsewhere. Don’t let this happen. Your PPH provider sets all of your daily lines and odds and that’s a great thing. This saves you a lot of work and certainly a lot of time.
  • You are the owner of your online gambling site. The lines that the PPH provides for you should be negotiable and you should have the ability to change them at any time. The best PPH providers on the internet have certainly nailed down the art of setting lines, however, they don’t always know everything. Stay on top of your daily lines and it could save you some very big losses. Your PPH provider must be flexible in changing the lines and odds of any event, at any time.
  • Pay per head software has come along at the right place in time for the right people that want to earn a serious income and that care about keeping their clients. Your number one focus as a bookie should be retaining clients. The way to retain them is by offering the best    service at your best price.
  • A great PPH service should be affordable. Many folks believe the misnomer that a PPH is for wealthy bookies. This is simply not true. The best PPH providers in the entire industry are now offering their services from the $7-$10 range.
  • The PPH providers charge per head – per week. The way it works is like this: For every player, that places at least one wager per week, you are charged a one-time per-week fee for that player. If you select the $10 service, then you will pay $10 for that player for one week. They may place as many wagers as they desire, and you are charged only once.

The football season is here and now is certainly the best time to find all of the best deals. The PPH providers are now offering a 4-week free trial. There is simply no reason to not give this fantastic service a try.

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