St. Louis Rams vs. Kansas City Chiefs

The St. Louis Rams are coming into this battle with a surprisingly good win over the Seattle Seahawks 18 to 16. The Kansas City Chiefs are also coming into this game victorious over San Diego Chargers 23 to 20. This is an important game for both teams as it could paith the future games and playoff structure down the season.

For a St. Louis Rams Victory

The St. Louis Rams need to continue pressuring the opponents quarterback into making silly throws and bad decisions. If the the Rams can do such and win the time of possession in this game you might surprisingly see them win two big games in a row against fine quality teams.

For A Kansas City Chiefs Victory

Kansas City on the other hand should be able to get this victory over the Rams as they match up extremely well against them on both sides of the ball. If Kansas City can control the game clock along with the offensive line no doubt they get a much needed win against the St Louis Rams. If the Chiefs can also win the special teams game play this would be a nice bonus and much higher winning percentage opportunity for them.

Gametime Information

This football game is being hosted at Arrowhead Stadium which is notorious for cold weather during this time of year. If the weather is to bad or maybe you’re not able to actually attend this matchup you can always watch it at home on Fox at 1 Pm Eastern Time.

St. Louis Rams vs. Kansas City Chiefs Prediction

Currently the Kansas City Chiefs are a touchdown favorite over the St Louis Rams. Although they should cover this spread and clearly blow them out I feel a trap is in the works. Im betting on the St Louis Rams and the +7 as I think they will keep it closer than it should be and potentially only lose do to a late TD by Kansas City.

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