The Best Betting Service

Are you looking for the best pay-per-head (PPH) betting service? With so much competition in the industry these days, it can be tougher to identify the best options for your business.

The majority of PPH services will advertise similar features as well, which makes it tougher to know which services are the best unless you have experience with the different PPH shops.

Most Important Things to Consider When Joining a PPH Betting Service

There are three things to consider when joining a betting software provider that trump everything else. While there are more things to consider, these are the most important.

1. Service (Bookie Support and Customer Service)

Most bookies aren’t tech-savvy and will require support to run a sportsbook. Some PPH shops will install the software for you initially and then they become next to impossible to contact.

You want a PPH shop that’s available 24/7 and that’s only possible with the big shops who have staff working around the clock. There aren’t too many PPH shops will true 24/7 support.

Another thing to consider is the customer service they have available for your players. You’re going to be busy running the sportsbook and won’t have time to deal with support questions.

The best PPH betting services have reps to handle player support issues. I recommend keeping in touch with your players to ensure they’re enjoying their experience, but let the PPH shop handle day-to-day support. Your time is best spent elsewhere marketing and growing your business.

2. User Interface (UI) + Betting Selection

The two most important things to your players are the betting selection and UI. Ensuring you retain and keep your players happy is one of the top priorities when you own a sportsbook.

Make sure you ask for a demo to any PPH service you’re considering joining. You want to make sure your players are going to have a clean interface that’s easy to navigate on big or small screens.

A lot of your players will place bets on their mobile devices, which is why it’s important to see how the UI looks on small screens as well. If the UI is too hard to navigate you’ll likely lose players.

The betting selection is also important. Most sports bettors expect a huge selection of bet types and sports to wager on. However, the more markets you offer, the more risk there is. You need to ensure the odds are all sharp, which a good PPH betting service will take care of for you.

3. Cost

For a new or small bookmaker, costs are a strong consideration in what service to choose. While you don’t necessarily want to join the cheapest services, as they’ll be lacking in features and service, it’s definitely important to shop around and price out each of the services that fit your needs.


The best betting service when considering the three most important things we discussed above is RealBookies. They’ll exceed your service expectations at a cost starting as low as $7/head.

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