UFC Fights Will Spike Your Monthly Take

Transmission of speed and data are ever increasing on what seems to be a daily basis.  As the world becomes the size of our mobile device’s screen, the generations with disposable income are wanting intense action sports.  UFC was born out of this desire to supercharge boxing and merge it with other combat disciplines.  The result is a new influx of sport’s fans that are rushing head first into viewing and wagering on UFC.  Today we will peek at the upcoming UFC181 mega event this weekend on December 6th and demonstrate how 247pph can keep you atop of all the latest trends in wagerable sports.

Title Bouts Bring Them In

Belts bring forth the bettors, viewers, and rehashers.  A championship bout between Johny Hendricks (16-2) and Robbie Lawler (24-10) is enough to grab everyone’s attention.  The fact that Lawler is the #1 contender holds them for the entire evening.  Finally, the depth of the card on UFC 181 will cause them to empty out wallets in the rush to cash in on the chance to win it big and have a great night’s entertainment.  People come to this sport for the same reason people like NASCAR which is the speed and the crashes.  That the action in the bout could be decided in a blink of an eye in a multitude of ending flourishes has enabled UFC to continually expand.  The organization can even dispense with corny or over the top descriptions of their events and instead just name it UFC181.  That is how big it is for them and could be with you if booked properly through an elite pay per head like 247pph.com.


Link Line Movements 

The limitation and elimination of being exposed to stale line movements more than pays for the nominal fees that 247pph charges for their services.  Why risk exposure to someone who is chasing steam on a prelim fight like Corey Anderson (5-0) and Justin Jones (3-0)?  Choose the book to tail and mimic their line movements so that you are not on the wrong end when one of your clients decides to book his bet at 3AM right after you got home from the club?  Now instead of just handling the bouts you are familiar with, you can feature the whole Smorgasbord of UFC181 and future UFC and MMA style events.

Finally the beauty of this offering is that their are quality events all year round.  Your client base will be steady each and every month.  Baseball, basketball, football, and hockey all ebb and flow but UFC is steady income all year long.  The step to take to immediately branch off into this is to contact 247pph.com through their website or pick up the phone.  1-888-274-7630 will allow not only the winner of Hendricks and Lawler to hold the gold but you as well.  Enjoy the fight and we wish you all good fortune on Saturday evening.