Us Against Them : Build Loyalty With a PHP By Your Side

Retention of customers is half of the battle with bookies.  While striking out new territory is good for expansion, the foundation must be rock solid and that is where your regs come in.  They should think of you as their primary out and your job is to foster that feeling among them.  There are two great ways to do this. We will look at each of these and how by having a pay per head by your side, that each of them does not have to chew into recruiting new blood.


Impulse is the drive that creates many of our wagers.  An idea pops in their head.  An impression or better yet a gut feeling on how this team is due or is hot.  At that moment, a method has to exist so you can capture that wager immediately.  The time it takes to call or meet up might have them falter on their conviction and not play their action.  With the slick graphical interface of a pay per head, your website is up virtually all the time to nurture those feelings.  The 24/7 availability is a treasure trove that will keep paying off as the regs think of you first before seeking your competitors.

Cashouts Locked In

Even if the screen says processing, to know that the process has started is of great comfort to your regs.  What will make you shine above all others is the following.  As a professional, you have the ability to treat withdrawals with the same respect as you do deposits.  Few things vex regs like being at the till to collect the money but when it comes to paying out, their bookie is suddenly slow on the uptake.  With a p2p, the regs can request it whenever they want.  You have a system in place to streamline the whole process.  The payouts will not kill your business.

The only thing that will kill your business is the perception that you can not handle payouts.  The p2p makes sure that no requests are lost in transmission.  By handling this in the same manner as deposits, your business will be retained.  A p2p greatly increases your productivity in this and the availability to collect wagers 24/7.  For a very small cost per active customer, your return is greatly increased by enlisting a p2p to handle your business.