Capture More Profit from Mayweather and Pacquiao

Ramp Up Profit from Mayweather and Pacquiao Bout 

Rumors are swirling but we are at the closest we have ever been for Mayweather and Pacquiao.  It makes sense that these two tangle at this junction in their respective careers.  Major hurdles like percentage take and Cinco De Mayo weekend have been ironed out.  May 2nd will be the date.  This can be used to kick off a successful run for the NHL and NBA playoffs.  Now is the time to get your customer base into the swing of Internet sports wagering.  A pay per head is the seamless and easy way for your clients to wager on every hour for each day of the week.  Find out how this can be used as a boon for the upcoming mega fight.

New Classification of Customer

People of many demographics will want to wager on this fight.  UFC/MMA are valuable but the big names of boxing bring out everyone.  A paper and pen approach will allow you to denote and collect on wagers but then these people go back to their busy lives.  Why not cultivate their interest and show them the wonders of 24/7 wagering?  With an attractive website to peruse, the morning cup of coffee comes with them checking email and scoping out the sports on your site. has mobile features also so even while in transit, eating out, or at the office, they can put in their speculation at any moment the inclination moves them to do so.

Infrastructure Already in Place

A solid foundation has already been cemented in place.    Interface testing has been done. has been servicing this need for many years.  Experienced and multi lingual staff are at the disposal for the legions of Latin American folks to wager on this bout.  Finally, reports for the detail orientated let the owner know immediately where he stands with each and every one of his clients.  All of this for a paltry sum.  The increase in handle, amount per bet, and total wagers will easily outdistance this minimal investment.

A short call to 1-888-274-7630 will get you in contact with a pay per head specialist.  With years of experience, they will guide you through the short process to increase your presence in the bookmaking business.  The setup process is painless with you getting up and running in a very short matter of time.  All that is left is to guide your flock to your new website and watch the increase in handle take place.  Good fortune to us all and let us reap the profits to be made on the Mayweather and Pacquiao bout in May.