Use a PPH to Boost Your NCAAB Bookie Business

The 2020-21 NCAA men’s basketball season gets underway on Wednesday, November 25, with a full slate of games.. This means it’s time to increase revenue for your NCAAB bookie business. That means a ton of action will be available on betting boards at sportsbooks everywhere.


If you’re a bookie, you should take advantage of this time of year and expand your business. The easiest way to do so is by partnering with a quality pay per head provider. The best PPH companies will allow you to continue to grow your business while they take care of pretty much everything else.

PPH Does The Work For You

To make the most of this college basketball season, you need a pay per head service that does all of your administrative work for you. All deposits and payments associated with your bookie business are taken care of by your PPH. Any issues that your players have are handled by your PPH which provides you a team of customer service representatives. 

You get a website that is safe and secure. You get a betting board that offers options in just about any sport you can find from around the globe. Your PPH service gives you the opportunity to acquire more players and to get your current players to bet more.

Expanded NCAAB Betting Options

One of the biggest advantages to working with the best pay per head service is the ability to compete with the major online sportsbooks in the market. Your NCAAB bookie business can be like the big boys. You’ll be able to compete because of the number of betting options and expanded betting menus available.

Sports bettors love options and picking the right PPH is imperative because you must have the ability to level the playing field. Giving college basketball bettors a betting board full of options gives you the appearance of being a huge online sportsbook. That is how you compete with the biggest players in the industry.


College basketball offers more options than most sports simply because of the number of schools at the Division I level. There are over 350 different colleges and universities that play basketball at that level. 

Just the number of moneyline, spread, and totals bets is immense compared to other sports. Add in halves betting, props, and other specials. Bookies have the opportunity to make huge profits on college basketball alone.

Increase Handle & Profit

Look at the added number of betting options available because of the start of the college basketball season. One of the easiest things a bookie can do is increase the handle of existing bettors.

If each of your players is costing you the industry standard $10 per head, simply increasing the amount each player bets every week can put more money in your pocket.

NCAAB Bookie Business – Get Started Today

Because of the ease of use of a pay per head provider, you as an independent bookie will have the free time to work on increasing the handle of your existing players. Bookies will also have time to go out and recruit new players. Both will add to the bottom line. 

If you haven’t done so already, go out and find the right PPH service that can help you take advantage of this college basketball season. Your increased profits will thank you.