Wake Up and Enjoy This

Wake Up and Enjoy This

I have an associate named Sam.  He works hard at his business.  Being a real people person, he took the time on the streets to foster his initial clients.  Word of mouth got around about him being reliable and after a year, his business exploded.  People regarded him as at least a valuable out and some used him as their primary.  His lines were not vanilla and he was fair but firm in payment issues for both sides.  Then another year came by when I saw him next.  He looked frazzled like he was on the edge of sleep.  The workload was getting to him.  That was when I did him a favor without even realizing it as I recommended he use a pay per head.

Few Phone Calls and Then Customization

His business sense allowed him to see that employing a pay per head was a prudent measure.  The Internet offered him record keeping that he was lacking in and storage offshore.  Secure and encrypted, he could finally begin to relax about security.  This allowed him to expand in directions he never dreamed of.  A racebook operation soon started and he got even more customers and increased take from some of his regs.  The call center handled most of the complex questions really well.  He was left to cultivate and consider expanding limits to certain types.  I honestly thought he had ridden off into the sunset.  Then he sent me a picture on New Years Day.

I Woke Up Like This

He sent me a picture of some drop dead blonde snuggled asleep in her bed.  Ironically she had a tshirt like the image the article has.  I woke up like this is now his sentiment.  He got to enjoy New Years Eve the way people should.  Going out on the town, he found some lady that was not immune to his charm.  He even had the time to keep her around in the morning instead of sending her on some walk of shame.  He fielded two phone calls from regs about the Florida State game.  The website from the pay per head took care of the rest.

He got to be with the lady for the rest of the day.  Whether it works out is not the issue, that he has the time to explore these options is.  He has reclaimed his life for a small cost per active customer of his.  His increased handle more than covers the paltry investment he made.  If you would like to liberate your evenings, consider adding a quality pay per head to your stable so you can work on your game and get your own overnight guest.