How Easy it is to Switch to a PPH Service

If you’re left running your own business, dealing with the headache, and trying to work through all of the issues of trying to run a book by yourself, then look no further than 24 7 Pay Per Head.

Do you know what a Pay Per Head (PPH) service is? If you don’t then you could very possibly be missing out on one of the easiest decisions that you’ll ever have to make. Running and managing your own book can seem like it’s nearly impossible from time to time with everything that you have to deal with, but that’s what the PPH services are here for. The general idea is straight forward, and most importantly the cost is low, fair, and incredibly easy to set up.

How easy is it to really set up? Well, at 247 Pay Per Head, all you have to do is register for an account, either call 247 or wait for the phone call, and then let them set everything up for you and take the stress and pressure off of you. The professional staff at 247 Pay Per Head is there 100% to help you out and to help your business continue to grow and head in the right direction. The best part of all of this is that you don’t have to worry about paying a massive amount of money for this Pay Per Head service to run your site, because you simply pay based on the amount of bettors that you have!

Things work just as you’d imagine they would with a PPH service, and even smoother thanks to 247. Just so that you know that you’re in good hands, you are going to get your first week completely free of charge. Things are so easy to get set up, that in many situations you’ll be able to get agents set up to run your book on the very same day that you register your account at 247 Pay Per Head. The configuration of the site is incredibly easy also, so you can make things look however you want for your bettors, and the agents take care of everything for you.

If you are unsure of how a Pay Per Head service works, or are worried about it being tough to get set up, you can rest easy because everything gets handled for you. As far as 247 Pay Per Head, you’ll find that the cost involved is very straight forward and affordable. Instead of spending 30 to 40 hours per week managing all of the players on your book, the wagers, and the accounting, then you can simply pay $10 per head each week. This means that for 10 bettors you are only having to pay $100 a week to cut your hours for running the book down by a massive number of hours per week!

The decision to go with 247 Pay Per Head will allow you market for new players, and build up your book so that you can make more money and build an even larger group of bettors!

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