Managing Your Players with Pay Per Head Account Profiles

Whether you are a private bookie taking bets from a handful of sports bettors or a master agent running and managing your own independent sportsbook with the help of a team of sub-agents, knowing and understanding the betting habits, trends and strategies of every one of your active players is vital to your long-term success in a highly competitive business environment.

Fortunately, today’s top Pay Per Head sites offer a comprehensive online sports betting software package with everything you need to accomplish your business goals. Best of all, you can also control one of your biggest business expenses with the low, weekly price per head fee a Pay Per Head provider charges for this highly valuable service. Working with a reputable online bookie software provider, you should only have to pay the weekly fee for your active betting customers. There should also be no extra hidden costs or added fees buried in the fine print of their terms and conditions.

Pay Per Heads – The Best in the Industry and the Advantage for Bookies

Once you have settled in with a PPH service that is a good fit for your particular needs, one of your first steps should be to create an individual account profile for every one of your sports betting customers. This is the basic starting point for gathering all of the pertinent information that will help you successfully grow and prosper as a private bookie. Sports betting customers
using your bookie services provide the life blood of your operation and having a system in place to track every aspect of their individual online betting account activities can provide a world of useful information when it comes to the big picture.

One of the most vital ways to separate your bookmaking services from the big online sportsbooks is through the higher level of personal customer service and individual attention to detail that you can provide as a private bookie and the big books simply cannot match. By getting to know your customers better through their online betting activity, you can tailor your betting board to meet everyone’s specific betting needs.

Individual account profiles through your price per head shop’s sports betting software also afford you the opportunity to set both betting and credit limits on a case by case basis. This is a big part of the way that you can maintain a high level of control when it comes to the daily, weekly and monthly action coming in. It is far easier to put the proper boundaries in place from Day 1 with any new or existing customer, then having to deal with any unwanted negative exposure or risk further down the road.

Should I Lay Off Action as a Private Bookie, Yes or No ?

Managing your players through PPH account profiles will also help you market your bookmaking services to your entire customer base as a whole. You goal as a private bookie should be to establish year-round cash flow and steady profits throughout the entire sports calendar year. Even the best football and basketball seasons in the world might not be enough to sustain your desired level of income when the dog days of summer roll around. By developing a diverse betting cliental that includes action for MLB games, golf, tennis, soccer and any number of other sporting events that people love to bet on, you can create a viable year-round bookie business that is built to provide solid revenue and personal income for years and years to come.

It all starts with each individual betting customer and it ends with you using every business tool your Pay Per Head service provides to make the most out of this group as a collective whole.