MLB First Fives – Great Way to Beat the Bookies

This season in the MLB has started out with a bang and it has been both fun and weird! Who would have ever thought that Boston would crash the gates swinging like they did and 0pen the season with a 17-2 mark? Well, let’s not forget to give the Boston faithful some credit, they certainly believe in their team and every year it’s a World Series dream.

The Red Sox just might possibly be the real deal once again this season. This group of guys is hitting the ball extremely well with a .292 batting average and they have all the tools that it takes to be a championship team. The question for the Red Sox is the same for every team, can their pitching hold up?

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Sports gamblers everywhere have a few of the same universal beliefs when it comes to betting on baseball. One, its pure luck, two, it’s all about the pitchers and three, it’s all about the underdogs. All of these are true. Yes, even pure luck!

There is one important fact to remember when it comes to betting baseball and that is simply this: There are 162 games in a season and the very best team in baseball is going to lose somewhere in the neighborhood of 60 games. There is a loss factor to consider when gambling on baseball. Look at the
Red Sox, they are a perfect example. The came storming out of spring training and they were hot, winning 17 of their first 19 games. Now they have dropped two in a row after being no-hit by the Oakland A’s last Saturday.

Baseball is cyclical, it has its ups and downs and teams can go on big winning streaks and big losing streaks. Old school, “wise guys” swear on baseball, they swear that betting on baseball makes them a living and in many cases it does. It can make you a fortune if you play your cards right.

All baseball bettors, know that gambling success in baseball usually hinges on starting pitching, so what do they do? They pound great starting pitchers and play the daylights out of those guys all season long. There is value in starting pitching and you should do little homework and follow the best pitchers at the
moment, and ride them. Find a top notch, online sportsbook that caters to baseball, one that gives great prop odds and one that offers a full range of props.

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Betting first fives is a popular way to bet the bookie and a great way to make some very nice cash very quickly. Why wait nine innings and four hours for a game to end when you can bet the first five innings and collect a winning ticket and use your earning for the next game up?

Betting the first five means that you are taking a side based on a pitcher. The pitcher you choose must start and your team must be winning after the first five innings in order to win the bet. Most starting pitchers come into the game strong and perform at their best through the first five. The first five innings is your best chance to win the game and a great choice for an overall baseball bet, especially when the pitcher is a star, such as Kershaw or Kluber.

Tonight, the Red Sox head to Toronto in what is sure to be a fun series. As mentioned before, the Red Sox are hitting the cover off the baseball and Toronto has started strong as well with two great pitchers duking it out, Porcello for the Sox and Happ for Toronto; this game is worth a look. Jump online and check out the latest numbers and good luck.


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