Scenarios in Football

Scenarios in Football 

People has a stubborn attachment to their visions of the future.  When it comes to football, one might as well put rebar into the cement to augment its strength.  Fans everywhere are eager to put their prognostications to the test with cold hard cash.  The limitation is finding someone to bet against in with such an exotic offering.  With a pay per head in your corner, your clients can peruse all the offerings you have on your website.  Dollars to doughnuts, an impulse purchase has a great chance of being made.  Let us at the Corner Bookie look over some sample wagers and the increased juice that comes with them.

Counter Price

People will go to the matt to bargain shop for straight wagers.  When to comes to props and futures, that selectivity goes out the window.  Two main reasons are for this phenomenon.  The first is the sheer gratefulness that they have found a niche market for what they seek.  A long trek is over and they are ready to rest their wagers in the first port they find.  Second is that with your pay per head graphical interface, the bets they could not have imagined are staring at them on the screen.  A few keyboard taps and they are looking up stats to bolster their initial opinion.  Find what they are looking for and a simple click has the bet booked with you.

Not Just for Football Season

All seasons of sports have this potential once your customers know that you have these offerings.  Salamis in every league are posted nightly.  Individual or tournament matchups in the PGA are for them to take.  Baseball first inning scores and other specialty bets are on the menu.  With the pay per head and the small cost per active customer, the increased juice for such action more than pays for itself.  All you have to do is pick up the money each and every day.

So sit back this weekend and see if Marshawn rushes for over 100 yards.  Will Romo hit the over in yardage?  Will Bubba Watson beat so and so heads up in Hawaii?  These questions could be answered with cash in your pocket if you get going with a pay per head.  Consider our proud sponsors for your patronage as they represent the best and most experienced leaders in the industry.  Good fortune and may we always collect the middle on the vigs of our action.