Avoid the Cold Winter with a Pay Per Head Warming your Wallet

Negating the Winter Weather

Tolerance to weather is even more of an issue for those whose passions put them in front of televisions or mobile devices.  Those that enjoy sports and wager on them are more apt to reduce their travels when the cold northern winters hit the United States.  We are in the midst of the annual Super Bowl push and once again Mother Nature has people indoors waiting out yet another blizzard.  When faced with such a reality one can sit back bemoaning their fate or we can do something about it.  There is an ideal solution that eliminates the elements from your career.  A pay per head takes the bulls by the horns and actually makes winter storms work for you.

How does a pay per cut out the cold winds?

  • Clients can wager from the comfort of home
  • Customers will spend more time in front of the Internet when forced indoors.
  • Late Night Wagering increase when staying home from work
  • We regain our sleep by not having to answer our cell phone at all hours.
  • We can go to the bar if we want to but do not have to.
  • Records are protected from the elements


This is just the start of the extensive list of benefits that a quality pay per head provides.  My feet remain cozy as I sit in front of my fireplace while I conduct business.  For a microscopic fee per customer, I have all the advantages of instant communication that the Internet has to offer.  My records stay dry and my clients find their way to wagering no matter what the circumstance.  So stay warm and snug this winter by consulting with 247pph.com today.  Just a phone call could put you on the path to avoiding the pitfalls of the winter season.