Betting on Football: A Few Tips to Fatten The wallet

Betting on football has become an international phenomenon. It is estimated the Americans spend upwards of $50 billion a year on both the NFL and college. The secret is; it’s not a secret anymore. Whether betting on football takes place in one of the countless, mega sportsbooks of Las Vegas or over the internet through an offshore bookie; football fans are betting somewhere and in a big way.

Where does that mind-blowing $50 billion go?

The average weekend gambler isn’t seeing it, that’s for sure! The average better out here loves the rush. Having action on a run of the mill football game makes it 10 times more exciting. A Browns/Redskins game is certainly a different affair with $100 riding on the outcome.

Las Vegas has set the standard with football betting numbers and the usa offshore sportsbooks have followed suit. When betting the spread on football, the usual number that will be offered to the better is set at -110. This number will vary from book to book, however, the numbers are nearly always close.

What does -110 mean?

For every $1.10 that the better plays, he wins $1.00. Think of it in hundreds, for every $110 played, the player wins $100. Again, this is against the spread. The spread or line, is a number set by odds makers from around the world. Las Vegas set the standard in the past. Sports gambling has changed drastically over the past 20 years and although Vegas is still a major player when it comes to setting the lines; offshore books now have an enormous influence as well, and Vegas often follows their lead.

There is also what’s called a money line bet. This type of football bet lets the player pick a team straight up or in layman’s terms, “just to win”. With a money line bet, the player does not have to cover a point spread of any type. One thing needs to happen to win the bet, the team you bet on must win! Whether it’s by one point, or by 30 points. Odds makers set the lines for these games based on many factors, some of which include who they feel is the better team, where the game is being played… (home field advantage, is a big deal in football) the weather, injuries, and many more. There is always a, – or a + number for this type of bet.


Chicago Bears/New England Patriots, the game is in New England on a Monday night. Who do you think will win? Exactly! The odds makers think exactly like you do. So, they will probably set the money line somewhere in the neighborhood of Patriots -550, Bears +550, meaning that you need to spend $550 to win $100 on the Patriots or spend $100 on the Bears to win $550.

5 tips that you must follow in order to beat the bookie.

  1. Know how much you can spend week in and week out. Set a budget and never go over it.
  2. Never under any circumstance, chase a bad bet. If you lose and your budget is tapped; dig deep, find some patience and wait.
  3. Shop around, have more than one sportsbook at your disposal. Look for better numbers with your second, third or fourth book.
  4. Stop betting popular games just because they are popular, such as Notre Dame/USC. Find a game with real value, do your research.
  5. Find someone who knows what they are talking about. They exist, these people are out there. You may need to pay them a nominal fee for picks. You will find this is well worth your time and money.

At the end of the day; everyone wants to walk away a winner. How you chose to bet this year will dictate whether you win or lose. Bottom line, get help. The average better has neither the football knowledge or the time to educate themselves on how to bet. It’s your money, invest it wisely.

Most of all, have fun and good luck this year.