Betting on the NFL Offseason with Your Pay Per Head Service

There are a ton of NFL betting junkies out there that do not know what to do with themselves during the long and grueling offseason. If you are an independent sports bookmaker working with a quality Pay Per Head service to help manage your online sportsbook, then a great way to fill these bettors’ never ending need for NFL betting action is through futures and props.

Once the NFL Draft is in the books it is time to load-up your offseason NFL betting board with as many futures and prop bets odds that your Pay Per Head service can provide. While the offseason betting frenzy goes all the way back to early February when the first Super Bowl futures are released, you need to build on that money making opportunity with futures for conference titles and division titles as soon as they are released.

Early spring is also the time of the year when the upcoming NFL regular season schedule is released. This, in turn, leads to opening pointspreads being set for all 16 games. Bettors love to wager on the NFL so much that they will make a wager on a game that will not even be played for over five months. As an independent bookmaker, if your NFL offseason board does not have these lines posted, then you can rest assured that even your best NFL customers are going to look elsewhere to place their Week 1 action.

Along with the betting lines for opening day, prop odds will be posted for each of the 32 NFL team’s projected wins. This is a golden opportunity to generate some additional cash flow when things start to slow down a bit in May and June. Betting win totals is big business and you can easily hedge the action coming in by changing your moneyline odds on the OVER and UNDER for each team to best suit your needs. The ability to move your lines and change your offerings should be included in the weekly price per head fee you pay so be sure to fully utilize this value-added option from your price per head provider.

Along with a number of team futures and betting props, you should also post betting odds for any player props that are available through your sportsbook management software. On the heels of the recent NFL Draft, two of the most popular player props are for offensive and defensive rookie of the year. While it is very hard to accurately project just how well any rookie will make the tough transition from the college ranks to the pros, you should be able to generate quite a bit of revenue from all the NFL experts out there who think they can by betting on it.

Another big betting prop that is also available this time of the year league MVP of the upcoming season. You should also be able to add NFL coach of the year prop bet odds to the list. As we move closer to the start of summer training camps in late July and early August, you will be able to add player props for things such as most passing yards, rushing yards and receiving yards in the regular season to the list. The trick to making the most of this opportunity is to fill your offseason NFL betting board with as many team and player props as possible. As previously mentioned, sports bettors love to bet on the NFL and even when there isn’t a single game in sight on the upcoming schedule, they are more than willing to keep the action going with a multitude of different bets on futures and props surrounding the new NFL season.