Say 39, yes 39 (!) bowl games

One of the things I’m morally obligated to do is to drum interest in betting bowl games. Sometimes, however, there just can’t be enough reasons to go in with either side (or total) in a given bowl game. Multiple factors make bowl games difficult to bet. Motivation for one team, or both, matters. What about the coaching situation? Most every day will feature at least one game (Colorado State the notable one on Dec. 20) with a coaching change imminent. How will the players respond, particularly if they’re being coached by a guy who didn’t recruit them, or in the case of seniors, who have no allegiance to the interim coach?

Check out my previews here on Saturday’s games to see if there is an edge to be had anywhere. The best thing about writing long previews about each game after doing all of the work is to see people gain an angle that they didn’t see beforehand. I’ve also had a few people who thanked me afterward for being a so-called “devil’s advocate”, that looks at the positive *AND negative* sides of their plays. These reports, without spoiling my content, basically show those thoughts throughout. By all means, give me some feedback if you think I’m missing something. And best of luck this bowl season, in addition to best of luck this holiday/Christmas season!

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The Rex Factor

The Rex Factor has been handicapping college football for more than 20 years and considers it to be his strongest sport consistently, year-in and year-out. Before becoming a professional handicapper, he has covered football teams as a sports writer in four different conferences.