Shot Clock Rule Tested in Arizona Fall League

As an older generation dies off, younger baseball fans are becoming united in a main criticism of the great American past time.  With Mobile devices and Twitter, the length of a baseball game is on a head on collision with those with lesser attention spans.  Baseball realizes this and has proposed several solutions to hone their game to stay relevant..  One of those alterations is being tested out right now in the Arizona Fall League.  In a game where time almost has no meaning, a “shot” clock has been unveiled.

Rules Unwritten and Such

Most of the time when rules are brought up in baseball, it is about some protocol that was broken that is not in the book.  For example, bunting for a hit to break up a no hitter will get your head hunted with a fastball during future plate appearances.  Sometimes, their are laws on the book that no one pays attention to.  One of them does have to do with speed of play.