Should the Miami Heat pursue Carmelo Anthony in free agency?

Carmelo Anthony has decided to test free agency and his name has been linked to the Miami Heat for several weeks now, as there are rumors suggesting that Anthony would join the Heat over teams like the Bulls, Rockets and Mavericks).

The Heat should find a way to add Anthony because of his offensive versatility. The Heat’s offense, which was very good during the regular season and through most of the playoffs, struggled against the Spurs in the NBA Finals. Miami’s roster proved to be limited and LeBron James alone isn’t enough to carry a team with a declining Dwyane Wade and a passive Chris Bosh to another championship. Carmelo Anthony’s game would erase any scoring limitations.

It’s believed that Anthony wants to come to South Beach and supplement the Big Three. He has said all year long that he values winning slightly above raw dollars and playing LeBron James would give him the best chance to win right now.

The Heat looked fatigued against the Spurs in what was ultimately one of the most lopsided NBA Finals and no one stepped up to help LeBron James, which made a difference in the series. Anthony would be a big time contributor who can take quite a bit of the offensive load off James.

If Carmelo Anthony chooses the Heat it means that LeBron James would stay in South Beach. Anthony and James are good friends off the court and they have voiced their desire to play together in the past.

If the Spurs bring back the same team that just won the NBA Championship and the Heat don’t make any moves, they would be the favorites to take home the Larry O’Brien Trophy again next year, but if the Heat can sign Anthony it would be tough to pick against them, assuming James, Wade and Bosh stay.