What is Pay Per Head and Who Can Use It

What is a Pay Per Head Service?

A pay per head service is an online service that is used by local bookies. It offers a range of services that bookies are able to make use of in order to streamline and simplify their business. The bookies pay a fee per active customer, making it a financially worthwhile option. The pay per head services are also highly attractive for the punter.

Bookies Using Pay Per Head

Many local bookies are moving to pay per head websites as they take their businesses online. The pay per head services offer website design and maintenance, back-end management, customer support, reporting, risk management and more. Bookies are able to customize the website and the running of the business to suit them, while still giving themselves enough time to focus on the growth of their business. It provides a smoother operation without the hassle of the smaller details of running the operation. Punters, particularly the younger generation, prefer the accessibility of the Internet to always having to deal with a person face-to-face or over the phone. The pay per head services allow the bookie to offer that service without having to personally set it up. On the other hand, customer support is available via multiple methods and in multiple languages should it be necessary and the bookie does not have to be the one manning the phone lines. All of this flexibility for the bookie allows him to provide an improved service with less hassle and bother than before.

Punters using Pay Per Head

The pay per head services are attractive for many punters, particularly those who are wary of online offshore sportsbooks. The pay per head sites do not collect any money, but rather simply offer wagering options. Punters will have a wider range of games and wagering types available through a pay per head service than they would have if they were dealing directly with the bookie. On the other hand, all debt payments and payouts are done face-to-face with the local bookie. This eliminates the need for punters to provide personal financial information online, but still gives them the benefit of placing bets online. All information is available at the click of a button at any time of the day or night when using the online service. Customer support is easily accessible in multiple languages for those who require additional information. All in all, the pay per head services attract a wide range of punters for their improved services and accessibility.