PPH services and less manual tasks

Manual tasks that can be delegated elsewhere is one of the significant hurdles that keeps the bookie from expanding his business. Our industry is based on math, meticulous record keeping, and not only maintaining but expanding our relationships. People are at the heart of wagering so why not use this same element in making your

Making the Most of Your Pay Per Head Service this Time of the Year

If you are serious about building a year-round sportsbook as an independent agent, they you already know that you have to make the most of any available revenue streams. This is especially true as the sports calendar heads into the dog days of summer. One of your best resources for growing your customer base and

Increased Volume is what a Pay Per Head Provides a Bookie

Expansion in the sports wagering industry is just not about getting more clients. Modern bookmaking is all about efficiency. We are looking at simultaneously creating more customers while increasing the volume of not only the new but the established clientele as well. The optimal way to do this is to broad your horizons with a

Collect the customers you want with a Pay Per Head

Reason does not factor into the instant reaction time that your customers demand of you. What experienced bookies know is that customers gauge you on your specific knowledge of their favorite sports! From the major American sporting leagues to off the beaten path soccer locales, hesitation on offerings causes continual headaches. Alleviate the impression that

Betting on the NFL Offseason with Your Pay Per Head Service

There are a ton of NFL betting junkies out there that do not know what to do with themselves during the long and grueling offseason. If you are an independent sports bookmaker working with a quality Pay Per Head service to help manage your online sportsbook, then a great way to fill these bettors’ never

Capture More Profit from Mayweather and Pacquiao

Ramp Up Profit from Mayweather and Pacquiao Bout  Rumors are swirling but we are at the closest we have ever been for Mayweather and Pacquiao.  It makes sense that these two tangle at this junction in their respective careers.  Major hurdles like percentage take and Cinco De Mayo weekend have been ironed out.  May 2nd

Vanderbilt Commodores vs. Missouri Tigers

The commodores come into this matchup against the Tigers defeating the CSU Devils 21 to 20, Vanderbilt comes into this game 0 and 3 in the SEC and is facing off against a new Missouri Tigers SEC team. The Tigers are coming into this game smashing the Florida Gators 42 to 13. They played impressively

College Football Betting – Florida State

College Football Betting – Don’t Count on “Distractions” Causing Problems For Florida State The Florida State Seminoles are a 10-point favorite over the Notre Dame fighting Irish in the 8 PM ET feature of the college football betting schedule, and that means that Jameis Winston is almost certainly making the start at quarterback for FSU,

New England Patriots vs. Buffalo Bills Prediction And Review

The New England Patriots and their usual high performing offense is averaging over 340 yards a game for the 2013/14 season.

Should Nick Young start or come off the bench for the Lakers?

New Lakers head coach Byron Scott recently said that Nick Young is projected to come off the bench once again, which makes us wonder if that’s the right move.